Pancake day is upon us- ‘Where the pancakes are’ is the only place to go!

Where the pancakes are, Flat Iron Square, Union Street, Borough

Morning my angels, i’m really loving brunches at the moment and the weekends truly are not long enough (i only get Saturday and Sunday to brunch it up and London has so many amazing places to try- truly love my city)… but that won’t stop me, as it’s pancake day here we go with a very short and sweet review of Where the pancakes are…

Ladies and gents this place is lovely, hidden away in Flat Iron Square (5 mins from London Bridge or Borough tube stations) this little gem is so busy- looks like the secret is out! Pancakes for breakfast truly are a treat and this place has them by the bucket load! With pancake day upon us i thought it rude not to review for all my pancake lovers out there!

Starting with my obligatory cappuccino- the perfect accompaniment to any pancake dish! Bring on the pancakes…

I’m with a true american girl today, one of my good friends (she’s leaving to go back to New York and i am so jealous) and to get her back in the New York State of Mind she’s chosen the wonderfully classic stack, served with bacon, blueberries and syrup! And boy does this look good… mounds of pancakes arrive and all of a sudden sweet and savoury pancakes never looked so good! I’m jealous…where is mine, i’ve never wanted turkey bacon so bad before!!!

Her dish was delicious, literally a mountain of pancakes, served with crispy bacon syrup and blueberries so delish! Mine finally arrives and i’ve gone for the veggie with a side of avocado (which off the bat just sounded random to me- but it was soooo goood anything with a side of smashed avo and i’m loving it).

Just look at that yolk, so yellow so delicious and those pancakes- get in my belly! Getting hungry all over again! Haha. This one is a great option for my vegetarian/ vegan loving friends (minus the egg and you’re in business). It’s filling, well flavoured, so much food (you have halloumi, mushroom, peppers, beans, eggs and avocado) how could you say no?!!!

All in all both dishes were good, service is quick (it does get very busy) we arrived in the morning and just beat the queue. Definitely check this out if you’re looking for your pancake day treat or for a wonderful brunch/ breakfast it’s so easy to find and the food is good!

Hope you enjoyed this post… if you made it to end leave me a comment with the word mushroom! Where the pancakes are- you get a 10/10 from me- i really enjoyed my brunch . Pancakes are scrummy and the service quick! What more could you ask for?!!

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