South Indian Food at its finest, The Quilon, Westminister

The Quilon, Westminister

Good morning beautiful people, i hope you’re all well. So i’ve been through a bit of an Indian Food obsession recently and am making my rounds with the michelin star restaurants! There are a few… but on this occasion and at the recommendation of one of my very good friends we visited the glorious Quilon in Westminister for a peak of the taster menu! Some of the best South Indian cuisine i have sampled in a long time!

All i’m going to say is wow! Service with a smile is an understatement, how many restaurants do you go to now-a-days where the manager comes out to greet you and check how your evening has been?! Hardly any! This extra special touch makes the experience wonderful and will keep you coming back for more (a little tip- the restaurant does not allow tipping- but you will want to as the food and service are exquisite).

On to the the venue- you will be seated straight away with some gentle music in the background with the ‘mood’ lighting in play you’ll instantly start to relax and forget about your busy London life- a little oasis (the other thing that’s clear about this place, is that people visit from far and wide, we had Americans on a business trip to our left who have been time and time again and Australians to the right who heard about this from friends). It gets very busy and i would definitely book as the staff turned away three groups as i was waiting (it’s a Friday night i suppose and it’s already packed by 7pm but i can see why).

Cocktails ordered (mango bellinis- why i don’t mind if i do) and we start to peruse the menu….

On to the food and the taster menu- which my friend assured me has the best of the best! And she was right (there are two options vegetation or meat) obviously we go for the meat taster menu- vegetables just won’t do today!

Every table will receive an array of chutneys and pickled sauces with the cutest little tiny popadoms- i loooove then! How cute and how delicious- you will definitely want a second round. Peruse the menu, unwind and relax- let the zingy chutneys fill your tastebuds!

First to arrive is a trio platter artichoke, broccoli and beetroot chop, served with mango, mint and plum sauce! A truly delicious trio, flavoursome and filling. Every bite will have your mouth watering and wanting more.

Next to arrive this mini little paratha served with two dishes (lemon sole and this absolutely insane prawn dish) i’m not going to lie i kept reordering this prawn masala dish, i loved it so much i didn’t even bother with the lemon sole. Prawn Masala- you were just amazing. I just cannot tell you how good it was- i absolutely loved it, teamed with this little paratha (which by the way you can reorder a few) really made my night! And i still had more mains coming!!!

Next up was a rice dish, chicken curry and a lovely refreshing yoghurt dish with salad (i’ll be honest by this point i was so full i truly didn’t know how i would consume anything else)…

In true food blogger fashion however, i soldiered through. The rice was delicious, this little salad was refreshing crunchy and zesty and the yoghurt accompaniment was a great palette cleanser!

Now i know sea food is what quilon prides itself on and i can see why- because despite trying the chicken curry and rice all i wanted was the prawn masala- if you go i highly recommend this!!!

The restaurant offer a lovely palette cleanser between courses (which includes some form of spicy tomato-esq soup) which is served in a little glass- it’s actually really lovely and does the job allowing us time to scout the desserts!

On to sweets i opted for the creme brûlée and my friend the trio of sorbets! All of these dishes were amazing. The sorbets were ice cream like in flavour (mango and strawberry were my favourites) and the creme brûlée had that wonderful sharp cracking sound when you tapped the top of it- sooo good!! It’s hard to get creme brûlée right but when you do it’s amazing!

And if that wasn’t enough (literally roll me home now) they also served a tiny little trifle esq dessert for free.

This was also scrumptious! All in all this has made in to my top 3 indian restaurants of all time (i don’t play favourites with indian food but this place was amazing).

Having finished our dinner (no rushing, no limit on table time, delicious food, drink and desserts) it was time to go home. I definitely needed rolling out of there it was just so good.

Definitely try the prawn masala, the taster menu is definitely the right way to go! Sample a little south indian wonderfulness!

Sophsterldn gives this place a 10/10 and will absolutely be back again soon.

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    February 17, 2018 / 10:40 am

    The food looks amazing as well the portion sizes and presentation. This place sound interesting and may well give it a try . We are up in London next month.

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