Jamming at Jamavar- a Michelin star treat!

Jamavar (Close to Bond Street Station)

Hi my angels, just before christmas i ventured on over to Taste of Christmas and sampled some delightful cuisines from different restaurants, but there were two stand-out places for me- one of which was Jamavar. So i am really excited to write this review as i have been craving their aloo tikky chaat since December, so here we go…

First impressions when you walk in, it’s surprisingly smaller than i first thought it would be (but there’s a private dining area and downstairs) so don’t be deceived as you walk in. It’s a Friday night, we arrived around half six and were seated straight away, the restaurant gets VERY busy! Great bustling atmosphere, which is nice. It’s a very mixed crowd in here and i see fellow foodies snapping away happily.

The waiters are pleasant and knowledgeable about the menu. As this place is known for its cocktails we order ourselves some mango cocktails- these are so unusual a hint of coriander and gin or mocktail versions for those that want! I have to say i was thoroughly impressed- the coriander adds that almost spicy kick to an otherwise smooth and TOO easy to drink cocktail! I like!

On to the ordering… there are so many amazing options on this michelin star menu! It’s no wonder this place is so popular, amazing modern twists to otherwise traditional indian dishes- i love it!

So we opt for a few starters, OBVIOUSLY the aloo tikki chaat (i had a real “joey doesn’t share” moment with this dish) having tried this at taste of christmas i KNEW it was good! I did share in the end and omg it was as good as i remembered, when you can get a vegetarian dish this flavoursome (its literally like a flavour explosion in the mouth), sweet, savoury, spicy and tangy all in one bite- you know it’s going to be good! And i was not disappointed yummy- could do it five times over!

We tried this with the malaba prawns to start and they too were delicious!

On to mains… again there were so many options and i decide to go for a buttered chicken (never my first choice), the paneer tikka, lamb chops and an assortment of naan and rice! Let’s dig in…

Starting with the paneer tikka- oh my word, how you can get a mound of cheese to taste this good i have no idea (served with a minty spicy chutney i am very happy). Smooth and creamy paneer, served with lightly flavoured onions and the chutney- total perfection!

Next the buttered chicken (there is no filter on this) but the colour of the sauce was out of this world, beautifully cooked soft chicken that falls apart so easily in this tomatoey buttery spiced sauce was oh so delicious (i had this with naan) it’s definitely enough for three!

And finally the lamb chops- ladies and gents these were HUGE! Meaty, choppy goodness, three large medallions served on a platter cooked perfectly (slightly pink)…by this point i was so full but soldiered through!

I can see why this place has earned itself a Michelin star- well flavoured, filling food! Unusual flavour combinations and modern twists on traditional indian dishes. Definitely one to add to your list for next time.

Now, whilst we were quite full (we were celebrating my friends promotion) so had to order a congratulatory cake and so dessert had to be ordered! We opted for the Rasmalaaaiiiii (for those of you that ever watched #goodnessgraciousme you will have visions of Meera Syal and co saying it with the extra vowels- i can’t say just “rasmalai” i have to add the extra ‘laiiiiiiii’ the end! My fellow Londoners will know what i mean…. oh and we ordered the poached port pear and apple samosa (this my angels was delicious).

Rasmalai was as rasmalai should be, creamy light and well flavoured (this was served with mango pulp and on a wheat base) just delicious.

The apple samosa had pastry so flaky, the filling was very apple turnover like- and served with a side of kulfi (this was too rich for me, but i know thousands of others would love, a creamy, heady kulfi with so much flavour).

All in all jamavar was a real treat, i can see why it’s won a 2018 michelin star. I don’t play favourites with indian restaurants but this is definitely up there. Unique, deconstructed dishes, reasonable prices and just really well flavoured foods- well done jamavar we will be back soon! Sophsterldn 10/10 all around!

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  1. ruchita Basu
    February 11, 2018 / 7:52 am

    Great review.

    • sophsterldn1
      February 11, 2018 / 7:53 am

      Glad you liked it- delicious food!

    February 21, 2018 / 9:10 am

    I would have to try this Jamavar restaurant simply because i cook my own Indian dishes for my family friends,relatives and have catered outside for family friends and work colleagues who all love my cooking.I think i will have to try this Jamavar when next in London particularly as you have given it full points.

    • sophsterldn1
      February 21, 2018 / 9:28 am

      Definitely not one to miss!

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