Sunday Roast is always a good idea and Hawksmoor has really nailed it!

Hawksmoor- Absolutely delicious, a Sunday Brunch delight!

Hawksmoor, Winchester Walk Borough

Good morning my angels, and welcome back to the blog, apologies I have been away for a little while, real life work and family engagements has kept me pretty busy over the last month- but I’m back with a lot of new content for you all. Starting with this glorious Sunday roast at Hawksmoor.


Lets do this…


What to have?! So many choices and at such a great price-decisions, decisions…

Firstly, its so lovely that Hawksmoor have opened another Branch here in the city- makes it easy for those of us living centrally to get to! And this one, located in the heart of Borough Market really did not disappoint. Firstly, £20 for a Sunday roast lunch really is a bargain- its no wonder so many of my other food blogger friends are also visiting here so frequently.

We were seated straight away despite being slightly early, the first thing you will notice is how busy it is…clearly everyone else has heard about this wonderful offer! We peruse the menu and opt for Sir Loin steaks instead of the usual £20 rump deal but really we could have had either- and were just feeling a little greedy 😊

Food ordered, we move on to wine and we opted for a lovely Spanish rioja- not my usual, but super tasty, light and refreshing and far too easy to drink (so I’m told)… pretty soon-ish after and our food has arrived.


The first thing I notice is how BIG the Yorkshires are- oh my word, luckily we ordered two of the sides instead of three (it truly would have been too much otherwise)… our sirloin steaks arrive- mine is medium well, and my two friends opt for well done- surprisingly all three steaks are moist and slice through so easily, almost like a hot knife through butter- definitely a plus!

Succulent steaks served with so many wonderful trimmings, carrots, roasted garlic- omg my absolute favourite, caramelized onions too- I am in heaven. Then your usual greens, fluffy and crisp roast potatoes and a glorious Yorkshire on the side. Now- my only minus here is that they forgot our bone marrow gravy, but once it arrived the meal was complete and we ploughed into our glorious meals.


This yorkshire is unbelievably large- but who am i to complain…


Ahh the table is set- bon appetite!

Now you could just stop here, however as we were having such a lovely time decided to order some scrumptious desserts- gelato and the pie with ice cream- oh my word. I am not a dessert person but the raspberry ripple ice cream was out of this world and the pie- crust so buttery and cooked to perfection with that lovely tarte filling and smooth creamy raspberry ripple ice cream truly made my day!


The tartist pie ever- and oh so scrummy!


Creamy gelato, something for everyone!


Trying port- this will definitely put hairs on the chest ladies andg gents!

We also ordered some port, a fortified wine which will definitely put hairs on the chest as they say!

Overall- I was thoroughly impressed with Hawksmoor, Winchester Walk. I have to say I was a little hesitant (as my first experience when they had newly opened was not the greatest)- but this visit truly did redeem my faith in the Hawksmoor Chain. The food was delicious, there was a great ambience and we spent a good few hours here on Sunday without the usual ‘you only have the table for a few hours’ malarkey and its also so well priced. If you haven’t already been definitely head on over and check it out- you will not be disappointed.

Sophsterldn rating 9/10 (but only because they forgot our gravy twice) but I definitely cannot fault the food- super delicious! Thankyou Hawksmoor.

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