To infinity and beyond… ahem, I mean to buuuurger and beyond (and something for my vegan/veggie lovers from yum bun- The Street Feast at Giant Robot has it all!

img_6306Street Feast- Giant Robot Cross Rail Place, Canary Wharf

Hi my angels, welcome back to my blog and happy new year all… so, having seen so many glorious posts about the wonderful burger and beyond- and yes I had food envy for a few weeks. I decided to check out the latest offering this burger establishment had to offer and head on over to the lovely Giant Robot, Street Feast in Canary Wharf. I’ll keep this one short and simple. Vegan-uary is almost over for some of you and so i urge you to check out giant robot!


Very spacious, american vibes to this place-first impressions- me likey!!

Some pointers to start, firstly, there is always going to be a huuuuge queue for this place, especially at lunch time…however, its quite a nice little space, housed inside the giant robot, some lovely noodle/dumpling and burger joints- all my faves under one roof- what could be wrong about that?!

…and so I started to queue for Burger and Beyond, now don’t be worried the queue moves fast and the service is pretty darned snappy… we ordered a few of the burgers from here and they all arrived at the same time! Get in!! The first thing I notice (and I opted for the double chilli burger) was just how large the patties are- omg, and they look incredibly succulent (I’ll insert some pics here but wow this beef did not disappoint).  This burger was just (I’m drooling thinking about it) oh soooo good, the sauce was epic, the burger was succulent- two patties is definitely a two hander and more meat than I can handle- but so good I was happy to be rolled back to work after this one!


This bun is everything…


Oh my word- look at how succulent this burger is?!


sorry, not sorry i couldnt wait to dig in- its soooo darned good!

Moving on to Yum Bun- for my vegan/veggie friends fear not, we also sampled some of the delights from this glorious little place and oh my word this was actually so good, I would consider not having meat for a little while… only joking my fellow meat lovers- but the burger from yum bun was succulent, tasty and surprising for a tofu based burger- the added chilli was just superb!  I would definitely recommend ordering two- as one just isn’t enough.


One of these is just not enough- who said tofu was bland?!

The prices are also quite reasonable, considering how fresh and tasty the produce was. We really didn’t need the additional waffle fries- the burgers alone will suffice


I will (and have since) been back to the giant robot for more yummy burgers since drafting this post- if you haven’t already head on over, this one is located in Canary Wharf but there are so many other venues in and around London. A definite must see and sample place- and for those of you that like American football there is a mini foosball table and shuffle board to keep you busy whilst you wait to be served.

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