Sunday Lunch at its best- check the size of those Yorkshire puddings!!

The Sands End, Parsons Green

When the Sunday Roast looks this good how can you say no!!!


If you are looking for a lovely spot for Sunday lunch this weekend- look no further, The Sands End is the place for you. If you don’t mind a short hike to Parsons green- this place is just wonderful.

A good old English gastro pub hidden in the heart of Fulham- great quality food, lovely staff, a few short issues in the kitchen but resolved by plenty of wine bottles on the house-a few hours at the sands end will solve your every problem.

I’ll keep this short and sweet- this place has excellent quality produce, you can tell by the freshness of the food- so much charm, good ole rustic Sunday lunch for friends and family. Dogs also welcome- we saw so many lovely little sausage dogs- I really want one now.

Whilst waiting for our other guests to arrive, we feasted on goats cheese, honey and walnut starters- this flavour combo works just so well. A lovely light-bite to tide us over whilst our other guests arrived.


What will it be- roast beef?


Or roast chicken with bread pudding??

Starters- sadly they ran out of any we actually wanted (not a great start when you have ten people in your party)…we had no choice but to opt for the mains; succulent roast beef for me and the others; and roasted chicken with bread pudding for my friends. All served with delicious roast potatoes, lovely greens wilted and roasted with garlic rosemary and other spices- delicious. The Yorkshire puddings here were absolutely enormous- as we had some Yorkshire friends with us- they were quite impressed- quick win for the Sands End!

A few hours later, and a good few bottles later our party opted for dessert- the French cheese board for me; the others went for a chocolate delice- everyone was happy. The cheese board was enough to share with four- and so I did.


Chocolate Delice- sweet or savoury whats your fave?


French cheese board anyone? Yummilicious!

Delicious, rustic, filling and tasty- everything you need for a relaxing Sunday. If you haven’t been- definitely book in advance- a quick tip though- check the kitchen is not closing for renovation works!

I would go back again- purely because of the quality of the food- definitely will call before hand though to avoid any further kitchen issues!

Location: 8/10, Service: 8/10, Food: 9/10, Atmosphere: 8/10, Overall rating 8/10


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