A treasure trove of instagrammable spots- for those in search of everything pink and then some… definitely not one to miss!

Sketch London, West End


Egg shaped bathroom stalls?! Crazy interior- so instagrammable!

 For those of you that have not yet been, please, please, please visit Sketch soon. With four main rooms to choose from, the main gallery (for my ladies that love everything pink and my men that can handle it), the newly refurbished library area- a Jumanji esq library bar and finally two small bars (one hidden under the unisex toilets and then one at the front as you walk in) this place contains a treasure trove of instagrammable spots from the moment you walk in and even as you explore around.

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Let’s take a moment to talk about the egg-shaped bathroom stalls- I would never have thought myself to comment- but this really is a surprising little venue I see now why so many bloggers were snapping away on a Saturday night- pics below- but to truly experience this you will have to visit yourself- your next selfie is a moment away!


On to the good stuff- food and drinks! We were seated in the main gallery, right in the centre at the back- I LOVED this spot, you could really take in the whole beauty of the room. Our waiter came out to greet us straight away, we ordered a few cocktails- non-alcoholic for me- I opted for the winter solstice- what I loved about this- it came out looking just as pretty as my friends cocktail and I didn’t feel like I had to go for the standard diet coke!  Cocktails were lovely, lots of thought put into the ingredients. Super tasty- refreshing, fruity and light- a lovely accompaniment to my food. My friend ordered the Sketch spritz- a huge glass of fruity gin served with an old school 1950s style stripy straw- nice touch!


Stunning and so comfy!


Table is set- let the munching commence


Steak yeeeeees!


Couldnt wait for the picture- hangriness took over!

Food wise- the menu in the gallery was limited, however we both opted for the Sirloin steak, with croquettes, greens (which never arrived sadly), sweetcorn gratin, mash and good ole fashioned onion rings. They did bring out bread for our table but at 9 pounds for gluten free/ normal bread- this was a little excessive. Otherwise the food was served on wonderful London inspired crockery- nice touch sketch! Food was your standard modern British cuisine; the steak was cooked nicely- nothing to sing home about but still a good size and well cooked. The mash- creamy and filling, corn gratin- a nice surprise and finally potato croquettes- I swear there were some kind of Indian spices within- but still tasty nonetheless. I do want to talk about the onion rings- these were HUGE we only managed one each with lots left over to share. Food was good, here- I have had better steak elsewhere- but I guess the point of visiting sketch is the ambience and venue- 10/10 for that without a doubt.


Look at the sheer size of these badboys- onion rings with attitude!!

We were quite full after our mains and decided against dessert- until someone mentioned macaroons- we just had to have them. Light and delicious, four beautiful little macaroons appeared at our table; chocolate and mint, lemon, berries and double chocolate. My favourite had to be the berry one- so tangy and tasty- it did not compare with the Ritz berry macaroon but still so lovely; all washed down with mint tea.


All in all it was a great experience at sketch, reasonable prices (excessive bread prices aside… c$140 for two- or 120 in pounds) I would say food was adequate, but great service and venue- you can snap all night long there are so many interesting art pieces, décor and generally fun areas within- from the neon pink piano to the Jumanji esq library bar- not one to miss- visit soon!

Sophsterldn ratings as follows: Location: 10/10 (a 5 min walk from Piccadilly- super easy to location) Service: 7/10 (good service but they did forget our greens- forgivable given the décor but still) Food: 7/10 Atmosphere: 10/10. Overall rating  8/10 (amazing venue- I’ll be back)



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