Great food- city meets jungle- let’s see if this can beat Ivy Chelsea Garden…

IMG_3356Ivy City Garden, Liverpool Street

So my first experience of the Ivy Chelsea Gardens was a huge success… I decided to venture back and see what the hype around the Ivy City Garden was all about. Living in the city I totally get the need for great restaurants available locally rather than the 20 mins cab ride over to Chelsea, Fulham or the West End.


First impressions, this has a completely different vibe- less 1920s grandeur, much more trendy, shabby city chic. There are giant elephant models and lots of green foliage everywhere. The bar area is nice, me and my friend were seated just near there- we were not too happy as the table was a little small and we had A LOT to order- staff happily re-seated us for which we were grateful, the feasting could now begin!

We started with a lovely bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne- it had been a tough week and well we needed some relaxation. Wonderfully chilled, crisp, light and fruity absolutely marvellous!


quick table change- muuuch better!


Zucchini frites-yaaas!

Our servers varied, those that seated us- great, those that took our order- great- very knowledgeable and keen to share specials etc… and then the one that brought out our food. Whilst he was very friendly, he was a little too OTT which made us a little uncomfortable- not a total disaster but non-the less.

Food wise- to keep things fair we ordered the burrata, tuna carpaccio, and the bruschetta. All just as delicious as at the Chelsea Gardens- big thumbs up!

The one constant I would say across both restaurants- the food is just plain delicious. The Zucchini frites were a tad overly oily but we still enjoyed them with the side sauce. The tuna was melt in the mouth as it was before and the Burrata so creamy light and fresh- this in itself could be a great main if served with fish or something else. Finally the bruschetta- crisp, flavoursome mushrooms, tangy fresh sauce and wonderfully buttery- coated bruschetta toast.

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My friend ordered the wagyu burger and some truffle chips, and I went for the Chicken Milanese- unable to devour the whole thing last time I decided I would try again. All served with Zucchini Frites, some creamed spinach and a side of truffle triple cooked chips. My friends wagyu beef burger also went down a treat, beautifully well cooked beef, flavoursome and filling.  My Chicken Milaneseserved with a fried egg and black truffle was just as delicious and still so filling. The creamed spinach was a tad bland- perhaps some pepper and a touch of garlic/ chilli could have been incorporated. Otherwise we were very impressed. Finally, dessert- the apple tartine- OMG can I just say, I am NOT a dessert person but this beautiful little dessert was packed with flavour. Tangy apples, a deliciously caramelised sauce and flaky pastry- such a treat. I almost finished the whole thing- well done Ivy City Garden a truly successful pudding!


And finally…


Lets flambe this apple tartine

I loved my experience at Ivy City Garden and I think its really down to choice; do you prefer the opulence and grandeur of the Chelsea Garden or the laid back shabby city chic of the City Garden. I’m all for the Chelsea Garden it just pips it ahead slightly- I’ll definitely be back soon.

Hope you enjoyed this post- more to follow @sophsterldn my next review of Sketch- keep reading for more XOXO.


Location:10/10 (2 mins walk from Liverpool Street Station) Service:8/10 accommodating servers, but some a little too OTT) Food: 9/10 (great food, delivers as its sister restaurant in Chelsea!) Atmosphere: 7/10 (less opulent, more trendy chic) Overall


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