Push button for champagne? Don’t mind if I do- every girls dream come true…

IMG_4931 Bob Bob Ricard London’s West End

Push button for champagne? Don’t mind if I do- every girls dream come true…

For me, its that time in life when friends are getting engaged, settling down and well, what better way to celebrate than at Bob Bob Ricard. From the moment you walk in you are greeted by friendly servers, the friendly “push for champagne” button staring you in the face at each table you feel right at home.


Not what you would expect from the outside?!


Loveall things pink…


How can you resist??!


yes oysters get in my belly!

As its Sunday we have opted for Oysters followed by a delicious Sunday roast- and a few lovely glasses of bubbly to wash it all down with.

Bob Bob Ricard is located just around the corner from Piccadilly- so a hop, skip and a beat into central London- nice and easy! Soho is a mecca for young artists and fashionistas and if you’re looking for something a little different this is definitely a place to visit.

Staff are attentive, welcoming, very knowledgeable about the menu and keen to share what their favourite items on the menu are. Feeling a little ostentatious we order Oysters to start- splashed with a touch of tabasco or just plain lemon- these are fresh, Moorish and ever so tasty. I could quite easily have gone for round two- but with a roast on the way held back.

Now for my fellow English men and women; you will know how eponymous the Sunday Lunch can be; this Russian inspired menu did not disappoint. HUGE slices of roast beef, cooked to perfection slightly pink yet so flavoursome and tasty accompanied by the most enormous Yorkshire pudding- crispy on the outside but fluffy and light in the centre- what a treat. The roast potatoes also cooked how I love them; crispy outside light and fluffy inside; all served with seasonal greens and some inventive cocktails- definitely not to be missed.


As we were celebrating, staff surprised my guest with a wonderful congratulatory cheesecake- they made our evening so special and even offered some complimentary champagne to help the celebrations. All in all we had a great time. For a Sunday the restaurant is surprisingly busy, but with a great roast dinner like this on offer I am not surprised.


Cheesecake anyone?


Push that button

I would definitely head back again, the push for champagne button is novelty- but adds that little something extra- definitely ideal when celebrating an engagement, or for a special day out with friends or family. Head down and check it out now- until next time my angels xoxo.

Location: 9/10, Service: 10/10; Food: 10/10; Atmosphere: 1010; Overall rating 10/10



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