Bobby brown afternoon tea, why not?!

Balthazars, Russell Street, Covent Garden- Bobbi Brown Afternoon Tea, London

…So a friend of mine decided to help continue celebrate my birthday month (I am aiming for the whole of March- so far its week three and going strong…) that we went somewhere that combined two of my loves; food and beauty- low and behold there appears the Bobbi Brown Afternoon Tea.

Having reviewed the pictures online I was in! Covent Garden- great location, easy to get to and I’ve always been passed Balthazar’s and wanted to try it- having lived in London almost 10 years now it was about time. Its located right in the middle of Covent Garden and easily accessible by taxi, tube, bus or even by foot (living in the city has its perks)- for me I decided a taxi would be best (ladies in heels know the walk from London Bridge to Covent Garden is a good 30-40 mins so not ideal unless in some comfortable footwear).

Upon arrival, you are immediately greeted by friendly serving staff, I was slightly early and despite being incredibly busy was seated straight away. The staff were very attentive and waited until all of my guests arrived before running through the special afternoon tea menu. Having discussed dietary requirements, the servers were very helpful and offered alternatives on the menu for some of the items that whilst not advertised as containing pork- did! Phew- thankyou to our wonderful knowledgeable waiter for his help.

The ambience at Balthazar’s is great; as soon as you walk in you will notice instantly how buzzy it is- whilst busy, its not overly loud so you can still have a great catch up with friends or family. There is an assortment of music playing in the background, something for everyone- but it definitely sets a very relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.

On to the important stuff… the food!!! I have been to a few afternoon teas, if you visit my page you will note by reviews and I have been to a few! The Bobbi brown afternoon tea reviews online are wonderful, the pictures even more stunning and I have to say I was not disappointed. For those of you that know me I am the ultimate savoury fan and the sandwiches did not disappoint.


The pastrami rolls were delicious, salty and meaty just what you want! I was also nicely surprised by the coranation chicken

The sandwich selection included a range of; egg, cucumber, salmon and cream cheese, pastrami and pickle and finally coronation chicken with apricot. I was slightly dubious at the thought of apricot and coronation chicken, – but was pleasantly surprised. Very gentle spicing to the chicken and mild sweetness from the apricot made this is a delicately balanced sandwich. The pastrami and pickle- oh my word we ordered so many refills but they were just so good- especially washed down with a wonderful glass of Bollinger or for the non-drinkers a smooth light and fragrant cup of earl grey! One of my friends commented on the buttery and fresh cucumber sandwiches- if you are fan you have to try these.

On to the sweets- what a wonderful selection; for me the scones were light and fluffy (I was slightly disappointed with our first batch as they were not as warm and fluffy as I would have liked- but a quick refill later and I was thoroughly pleased- light, fluffy, airy and warm) there is something so simple yet so satisfying about scones, clotted cream and English strawberry jam! Next on to the cakes, chocolate and pecan macaron and lemon meringue pie- both favourites. The lemon meringue was wonderfully tart but the macaron was slightly sweet for my liking… the chocolate lovers would love, there was also a chocolate ganache cake and the wonderful bobbi brown themed caramel slice with a cream filled lipstick and a rhubarb tart shaped as a bobbi brown bronzer- neither disappointed.


All in all it was a wonderful afternoon tea- I would go back again. Overall 8/10

Location: 10/10, Service: 9/10, Food: 8/10, Atmosphere: 9/10


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