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Hello all! I’m Sophia, a friendly lifestyle blogger, writer, photographer (yes, I love a collage or two- I am that friend), I’m also a lover of food, travel, beauty and all things luxury. I have worked within the legal sphere, investment banking and consultancy and the perks of all of those jobs has enabled me to travel the world and experience so many different cuisines- a casualty of all jobs is also developing a love for all things beauty and luxury (well not so much a casualty but a great opportunity). I have been very interested in the world of food, travel and beauty for so long and often found myself scrolling through Websites, Magazines, Pinterest and Instagram in the evenings searching for visual inspiration.

I craved all things stylish, early in January 2017 I found myself with a few weeks off work with not very much to do (the first real down-time I’d had in quite some time), I had a suite of wonderful pictures from restaurants or places I had visited and quite often found myself posting these on my personal page or sharing via social media with friends or family and people always commented that I take great shots, or joked that I should start my very own blog, seeing as I love to post online (particularly for food, makeup and clothing- three of my vices) and eight months later sophsterldn was born, a space which I could use as a creative outlet that I am now completely in love with. I have transformed my passion into something I hope to share with many.

I am slightly obsessed with all things that I find creatively or visually appealing so you will see a range of things from travel snippets, beauty, creative shots, and lots of food. Living in London really is a mecca for the food lover so my passion has been easy to continue. I hope you find something you will love when visiting my page. 

You can catch up with more of my reviews and snippets via my Instagram and Facebook.

I hope you enjoy XOXO


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