Pancake cereal- go on then…

Good morning angels, it’s been a minute but i’m back with these truly scrumptious little baby pancakes- which are served in cereal bowl with butter and delicious maple syrup… cmon you know you want some. I saw these and HAD to make them! They are truly delicious.

Easiest Recipe ever- all you will need to serve 4:

250g of any flour (i used plain) if you want to make this recipe keto i suggest you use almond flour

1/2tsp of salt

1tsp of baking powder and baking soda

40g of sugar (again if you want this keto use either monkfruit sugar or a keto honey)

Step 1: Mix all your dry ingredients in a bowl

Step 2: Wet ingredients, mix together the following in a separate bowl:


480ml of butter milk (if you don’t have this just add a generous squeeze of lemon to normal milk of your choosing)

42g of melted butter

1tsp of vanilla

Step3: Combine the wet and dry ingredients until it’s a nice sloppy mixture and place in the fridge for 10 mins to rest

Step 4: Once you’re ready you can either fill a piping bag and place small circular blobs in a heated pan or if you’re like me i just used a small teaspoon and placed them in the pan.

My little babies cooking in the pan… mmmm buttermilk goodness 😊

Step 5: Flip over the pancakes, only once they start to bubble on the sides of the batter. Wait a few seconds and then flip. It will only take a couple of minutes each side (they cook quickly)

Step 6: Pile high in a bowl and serve immediately with a knob of butter and some maple syrup- scruuumptious!

You will love these- enjoy!

If you do decide to make these i’d love to know what you thought in the comments below and bon appetite xx


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