A revival of the taste buds- who said vegetarian restaurants cant do fine dining! Absolutely delightful!! When can we go back for more courses??!

Venue: Vanilla Black, Tooks Court, Chancery Lane Station

Good morning angels, back from a delightful three course stellar meal at Vanilla Black and all i can think is what my mother says “always eat your vegetables”… gotta love mumsies but i don’t think she had in mind what vanilla black have accomplished with their veggie and vegan dishes.

This fabulous little place is located in the city, near Chancery Lane (a 2 min walk from the station)- and i can tell you they know a thing or two about tasty veggie and vegan dishes! Modern, imaginative, creative and delicious-i’m not going to lie i wasn’t sure going in but i’m so glad i went and will definitely be back! You can opt for the five course tasting menu or the two/ three course combos- so there’s a lot of choice!

If you were to tell me i was going to an all veggie/vegan restaurant for dinner i would usually laugh in your face and expect to want round two later at home- (mildred’s aside of course- love that place). But i am happy to say i was so so wrong with Vanilla Black.

What’s to love

⁃ Veggie, vegan, wheat or gluten free they have it all

– Super cute interiors, it’s medium sized and fills up quickly!

⁃ The menu is updated regularly so you can expect some new and inventive dishes regularly, along with any classic favourites if you’ve been before!

⁃ Incredibly creative cuisine

⁃ Beautifully styled food

⁃ Tasty fare

⁃ Imaginative and unique flavour combos- if you had told me i’d be eating an artichoke and turmeric cake for my starter and would be wanting more i would have laughed in your face, but it was delicious, served with a delicious light and fragrant green sauce- it was an amazing combination and actually really filling.

⁃ My friend opted for the Edamame bean ice cream, sesame cracker and nasturtium all served with a crispy soy sauce and pea and edamame salsa- it was usual but she really enjoyed! If you are about to ask, no it wasn’t sweet and yes she would order it again. The combo with the soy sauce was delicious and you get that salty freshness from the edamame peeking through!

⁃ Upon arrival you will be served with an amuse bouche (ours was a great take on a pina colada) and a rather unique bread and butter basket; never have i ever eaten smoked hay and thyme butter (until tonight) it was so unusual, creamy yet satisfying.

Smoked hay and thyme butter- have you ever tried such a thing???!

⁃ Served with a potato and vegetable bread- honestly the combo was delicious and reasonable portion sizes to last throughout the whole meal

⁃ For mains there were a lot of different options but i personally opted for the cauliflower croquettes served with endive and cocoa- i know the most bizarre combo- but the flavour was soooo good! This is all served with pretty pink pickled cauliflower and purée (i’ve captured the gluten free and normal version below, there is also a wheat free version for those that want to try that)… Earthy, homely and robust- i know, you think “but i’m just eating vegetables, is it really going to keep me full?” i can confirm, it’s definitely filling and not in that roll me home type way- you are left full, but light (none of that groggy, sleepiness you may experience with a heavy meal)! I love that feeling. Clean food and so well flavoured!

Gluten free option

⁃ My friend ordered the roasted courgette, toasted napier and bread mousse served with garlic breadcrumbs and tomato. Again an unusual combo but she loved it and would recommend (she’s had this twice before and LOVES it).

⁃ I don’t normally opt for dessert it’s just not my jam, but my good friend suggested the banana ice cream, served with whipped toffee and banana biscuit! At this point i was pretty impressed and this third round did not let me down as I ate the whole lot. The freshness of the dish, the delicious banana flavouring in the ice cream, teemed with that whipped toffee oh my word- so, so good and not too sweet!!! I highly recommend this for anyone that makes it to dessert!

Look at all that whipped toffee mmmm

That block is the banana ice cream- deeeelicious!

⁃ Reasonable pricing all around (we had three courses and drinks £54 each) not too bad at all for central London and especially for the quality of the food! This little restaurant that started out in York really has done well.

What’s not to love

⁃ I rarely say this, but absolutely nothing. It’s all superb!

I would highly recommend this place, it’s a lovely little venue tucked away just off Chancery Lane. Lovely staff and reasonable prices but the most important fact- THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS. I would defo like to go back and maybe try the courgette dish and i would defo have that artichoke combo again, even the smoked hay and thyme butter was good!! I’m turning into Homer Simpson- as all i can say is mmmmmmmm…

Hope you enjoyed this post- let me know if you try this or if you have another recommendation for your favourite veggie or vegan restaurant please leave a comment below.

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