A-ok is A-o yay!

A-Ok, Marylebone

Good morning angels, so yesterday i was in marylebone catching up with friends for a lovely girly pamper day! I had my hair styled at Daniel Galvin and mani pedi and the lovely naild’it spa (i’ll add some pics at the end (necessity!) and then on to brunch at A-Ok. The perfect day!

This is a relatively new brunch place tucked away behind baker street and soooo pretty inside! They provide a great range of brunch options (there’s a bakery downstairs too if you want a takeaway or light bite)… but essentially the menu is free from refined sugars, and they try to have a limited use of dairy and gluten on the menu!

I can confirm that whilst being moderately healthy the food is absolutely delicious here! It’s definitely a place for all, who want to eat good food! They also have some great healthy juices available too!!!

Any excuse for healthy goodness and total instagoals interiors too- why not check it out?! They have outdoor seating too 😊

In terms of the food- the important part, i would say portion sizes are large. I opted for Shakshuka (obvs!) and my friend for a few small plates including the chicken sausages, avocado and smoked salmon- the great thing about a-ok is that they will accommodate pretty much any or most dietary requirements!

The coffee was nice, oh and i opted for one of the carrot juices! Full of goodness and definitely worth it.

Finally we tried pancakes- omg! Gluten and sugar free but sooooo good- served with a coconut Chantilly and maple syrup- these are definitely meant to be shared! Too much for one- unless you don’t want to share then indulge away!

This place is beautiful inside, instagoals for those of you who love a good flowery pink background!

Prices are consistent with that area- oh and there is a lunch menu too- the salads looked delicious! I would definitely go back for more, it’s one of those places that’s so central yet so relaxing!

Definitely check them out the next time you’re looking for a tasty and healthy brunch!

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PS. I’ll add a little sneak peak of the Nail’d it salon it was soooo pretty! Truly a day of instagram worthy snapping- check them out too- we paid £60 for a luxury rose hydration mani and pedi- definitely worth it and the interiors again were just to die for!


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