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Kohi Noor

Christian Dior Exhibition, Victoria & Albert Museum (on from now until 14th July)

Good morning angels, it’s been a minute but you know life takes over (my instagram is much more up to date so if you follow me @sophsterldn or are subscribed on the blog http://www.sophsterldn.com you will see more of what i’ve been upto). This weekend was one of wonder, the glorious Christian Dior exhibition. Having missed Mcqueens Savage Beauty exhibition i was not going to let this opportunity go- so much couture under one roof! Let’s dive in and see what there is…

Where- so this exhibition is located at the Victoria and Albert Museum (literally a 3 minute walk from South Kensington station) and let me tell you this was the perfect back drop for these gorgeous couture gowns!

When- anytime from now until July 14th

Price- tickets are anywhere between £20-24

Why you should go- this exhibition is truly stunning, with a capsule wardrobe dating back to 1949 when Christian Dior himself met with Princess Margaret and she like many of us fell in love with Dior. The exhibition takes you through designs from 1947 to the present day. Some of the greatest designers from John Galliano, Maria Grazia, YSL, Raf Simmons and many more have worked for House Dior-you can see why they truly are one of the most influential couturiers of the 20th century.

Princess Margaret’s 21st Birthday Gown

Giant pleats and so much fabric but the intricate design work and beading is beautiful

Everywhere you go, you will be inspired; the V&A is also such a beautiful space to showcase these designs! Everywhere you look it’s glamorous and there special quotes everywhere- the flower garden is absolutely stunning! The instagrammers dream backdrop…

Skilful draping and embroidery make Diors gowns some of the most glamorous and fascinating items one can wear! Just beautiful. These are some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition… trust me it was difficult to choose as everything is just so stunning!

This fabric is beautiful so luxurious and stylish! Maria Grazia is a beacon of style

The whole display is stunning but there were two parts that stuck out in my mind- the flower room and the final ballroom gallery- both are truly beautiful i’ll try inserting some videos here- as pictures just will not do either justice.

The garden demonstrates those special flourishes of style you would expect from Dior and also the special touch of each designer e.g the floral rose motifs YSL would include in his designs, Galliano, Bohan and others also adored the floral design and incorporated into their couture pieces. Even Maria Grazia is a fan with her silk floral petal designs- exquisite, opulent and reminiscent of Parisian haute couture.

This Ballroom Gallery has so much glamour, and the designs in my mind are really reflective of the great travel and individuals each of these designers has met or been to in their life. Designs stripped back, so striking its no wonder bloggers, fashionistas and the famous are intrigued. What i loved the most is the melting pot of cultures reflected in these designs- I see inspiration from India, Africa, Paris, Greece, New York, Eygpt and London. I guess Dior knew the allure and stretch he had across the global markets… some of my favourite items were the arab/indian inspired pieces e.g. this black sari embroidered with so many beautiful stones – so stunning or this Kohi Noor dress! There is something for everyone.

This Dior- designer of dreams exhibit demonstrates how forward looking this designer was. The show is reflective of so many cultures and points in time. It’s no wonder Dior remains one of the worlds most sought after Designers influenced not only by the countries they visit, but the people they meet and cultures they experience- i guess that’s what makes Dior so special!

If you haven’t yet definitely check it out and for now i’ll leave you with snaps of some of my other favourite pieces (whacky or otherwise)- it’s all breathtaking!

Extraordinary and Lavish i couldn’t not include this item!

Feminine silhouette- the Bar Suite from 1947 and i love it

Inspired by Egypt and Anubis- a little out there but still that blue is so striking

Leave me a comment below or let me know what your thoughts were if you’ve already been?! Until next time xoxo



  1. sheereen
    February 12, 2019 / 9:50 am

    Hi my thoughts on this exhibition are wow its amazing love the Indian bridal gowns and the couture gowns including the lavish gowns.
    Keep posting i love it.

    • sophsterldn1
      February 16, 2019 / 11:46 am

      Thanks- so glad you liked it. It’s a beautiful exhibition definitely recommend!! 😊

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