Baluchi at the Lalit- stunning venue, beautiful food and a hidden gem in the city

Baluchi, Lalit Hotel, London Bridge

Good morning beautiful people, i know i’ve been away for a while but sometimes you lose that creative spark and then bam! it returns all at once. Bringing you this review of Baluchi restaurant within the Lalit hotel. There really are no words that describe, just how beautiful are the interiors here at Baluchi in the Lalit hotel. Grandeur and ostentatiousness (but what more could you expect from this grade ii listed victorian house)- you can really feel the history steeped within this building, from the moment you walk in! Absolutely stunning and the food… so much to write about, passionate chefs and wonderful servers! It truly is an experience here at Baluchi- i’ve been meaning to try this since it’s opened (can you believe it’s been open a year already?!) So glad we finally booked and tried it! Defo somewhere to consider for any upcoming Christmas Parties or that Diwali treat with family or friends!

Place setting ready- time to chow down!

Seated speedily at our table we peruse the menu.

A few mocktails ordered, we sip away and snack on the lovely popadoms that arrive- there are so many dishes to choose from…but here’s what we opted for;

Chicken, Dhaal, Saag and plenty of other scrummy dishes on offer

I spy Bhiriyani 💕

These Kulcha truffle filled naan breads were sooo good!!!

Sooo the food here was nice (we ordered for three and had food left over- sorry the lamb chops got devoured so not shots of that)… i am fussy when it comes to indian food but every now and again you try somewhere and are blown away by that odd dish. The truffle naan was that dish- i get its a side etc but it tasted soooo good. The veggie dishes here were also very nice. The dhaal i felt needed a little more spice and flavour- but we fed this straight back to the chef on the day. I’d love to come back and try the food again… take two- maybe in a few months…

The bhiriyani was nice- again, i prefer the sindhi style made by my parents- it’s bloody good and full of flavour but then i get restaurants need to tailor to their local market; that said the lamb was cooked really well and the rice was nice and fluffy- so no complaints!

The staff here were truly lovely and Chef on onsite was open to feedback and came to greet us towards the end of our meal to see how we enjoyed the food- this is such a lovely touch and i feel you only get this kind of service in authentic indian restaurants! One of my friends was also pregnant at the time and they were so accommodating with all of the food!

We did try some of the desserts- the ladoo cheesecake was genius! Defo try it if you go next time. It’s also so beautifully presented! The staff were also were super nice and gave us a full cocktail glass full of hot gulab jaamons (a lovely sweet indian dessert).

All in all Baluchi at the Lalit was a great experience- the venue is stunning, the food is lovely and the staff make your visit extra special! Defo check out some of the other interiors as you enter the hotel- it’s no wonder this place was picked for one of the master chef episodes!

I would recommend and defo go back for more… next i want to try the afternoon tea or the breakfast- both sound absolutely delicious!

Thats all for now folks- hope you enjoyed this post… more to come- leave me a comment below if you’d like me to go back and review either the breakfast or afternoon tea. If you haven’t yet, please subscribe or follow me on instagram @sophsterldn xoxo



  1. Ariff butt
    November 3, 2018 / 11:39 am

    Looks like a beautiful place for an evening meal will try it out when in London next. Keep the posts coming i like to try out new venues and good food.

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