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Joes Kitchen, Borough

Eggs, beans, giant hash brown and mushrooms who could say no to this glorious joe the veggie breakfast?!! 🍴

Living in London there are so many amazing places for a weekend brunch, I have a blog post coming soon which reviews some of my favourites, but sometimes when you are looking for simple, delicious brunch options there really isn’t anywhere better than Joes. Its always busy, there is a constant throng of people, particularly at the weekends. Its one of my favourite brunch venues for a few reasons…

The staff are wonderful, the food is delicious, its reasonably priced and it’s the kind of place you could visit alone or with a big group of friends or family. They have available on the weekend an array of papers which you can skim through whilst enjoying your cappuccino or English breakfast tea. There are also a great range of smoothies and fresh juices.

Joe the veggie with red or yellow peppers- which do you prefer?!

The menu is lovely, lots of options for vegetarians or meat eaters, my only suggestion, the joe the veggie breakfast should have vegetarian sausages available. Otherwise the breakfasts are delightful. I’ve been going to joes since it opened a few years ago; I recall when it first opened they invited you in to sample the whole menu- back then if you ordered e.g. pancakes- they literally were HUGE AMERICAN STYLE pancakes- the size of your plate and piled high. The menu over time has changed and adjusted, with lots of new interesting options available- my favourite has to be joe the veggie with a side of smashed avocado-delicioso!


On this occasion, my friend opted for Pancakes, with fried eggs (strange combo- but she seemed to love it), with lashings of maple syrup. I myself opted for their latest option smashed avocado, served on sour dough toast with two poached eggs and a giant hash brown. The others went for the standard joe the veggie- all of us were satisfied, I would go back to Joes again and again. The food is always great, service is always lovely and its reasonable. It can get VERY busy- but that’s just a sign of how popular it is with the locals.


Joes Kitchen- thankyou for maintaining your excellence- sophsterln will no doubt be back soon for one of your delicious cappuccinos and joe the veggie (hopefully with a vegetarian sausage or two) 😊

Location:10/10; Service: 8/10 (this place gets very busy so service whilst always served with a smile can be slow); Food:8/10 (they may want to consider adding vegetarian sausages to the menu); Atmosphere: 10/10. Overall sophsterldn rating 9/10


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