That magical first 1000 is finally here…

Just a little thank you to my fellow instafam and my fellow bloggers out there…

Happy Sunday angels- well it’s a great day for @sophsterldn i really wanted to hit 1000 followers before a full year of my blog and i did it- ahead of schedule 😊 Yay!! Honestly I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to everyone that’s followed the blog and my instagram and twitter pages! I couldn’t have done it without you all. Something that’s started as a little hobby and has turned into so much more.

Thankyou to the brands that i’ve been working with and the restaurants that have invited and taken a chance on a newbie on the scene. I’ve met some absolutely amazing and creative bloggers as well this past year- it really does show you how amazing the online scene is at connecting people.

Finally a huge thankyou to my friends and family- you know who you are, i drag you to so many restaurants and brunches- but you happily come along and let me snap away- love you guys the most! I know it’s a small step- but it’s so great to hit my first goal…to say thankyou and reflect on my past year, I’ve pulled together some of my favourite snaps from blogposts this past year- a great and eclectic round up of some amazing food and drink venues! I’m so excited to see what the next year will bring- here’s to the rest of 2018 and more… xoxo


One of my first posts on my blog and definitely still remains a favourite- Peggy Porchsen Cakes- truly scrumptious!


A new entry but a goodie! Brigadiers London- for your grill, barbecue and pao bun needs! Delicious!



I was dreaming about this aloo tikki dish for weeks after I tasted it! The flavours at Jamavar are oh so good! This one definitely had to make it onto my favourites list.



This vegan burger from Mildred’s almost makes me want to be a vegan- if you haven’t been you need to try it, even the biggest of meat eaters can appreciate how darned tasty the food is here!! Vegan goodness on a plate…



If you want ostentatious and grandeur- look no further than the Oscar Wilder Bar- a truly exquisite afternoon tea.



If you know me and have been following me for a while you’ll know where these are from- truly delicious, well flavoured and so good you’ll want more… I just love them! Novikov your food is delightful.


If the interiors in sketch aren’t enough for you- the food is delightful too!


One of the most quintessential british afternoon tea’s ever- The Ritz had to make my list


Views for days, a delightful sight in the middle of the city- Hutong truly has it all.


An oldie but a goodie- The Ivy Chicken Milanese is and will always be one of my favourites


This roast- what can i say, if you know you know, if you don’t you need to get aquanited- The Sands End is just delicious and one of my favourites for Sunday Lunch.



If you know me you know I loooove macncheese- and this one from Berners Tavern is so good I’ve been back a few times just for this. Way too much for one, but way too good to share!


Twelve of the best- but there were so many more to choose from. I just wanted to say thanks and hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great day all- if you haven’t already and want to subscribe follow and hit the little subscribe button on screen. If not please visit @sophsterldn for some of my latest posts xox


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