A walk on the veggie side…

Mildred’s, Soho


Vegan brownie anyone?!


Hi my angels- hope everyone’s good and well! So as you will know if you’ve read some of my previous posts, i am a complete and utter meat fiend, however having seen so many amazing reviews and snaps of Mildred’s Vegetarian/Vegan restaurant i had to check it out for myself. (My friend tells me this also featured in time out magazine today and having visited now, i totally understand all the hype around this place).

A few points, we arrived around 6ish on a Friday evening- geepers this place was completely rammed! There were people waiting outside and we were told it would be an hours waiting time for a table- i was determined to eat here and so decided to wait. Half way through a lovey bottle of red, we were seated (c40 mins waiting time). We were asked if we minded a sharing table- and of course said no. Seated next to a couple celebrating a birthday, we got chatting away and they made some excellent menu recommendations! We also had to try the expresso martinis- and yumm it was as good as you thought it would be!


What night is complete withouth the obligatory expresso martini- delightful!

Staff are lovely here, we stayed for a good few hours and were not rushed from our table- which is a bonus! Our server was really lovely, friendly and made some great recommendations for the menu. We opted for the vegetarian dumplings, artichoke served on large crustinis served with lemon aoli and the halloumi burgers! What can i say everything was delicious.


Vegetarian dumplings- incredibly flavoursome!


How did they pack so much flavour into these tiny beauties?!

So- the dumplings here were incredible. Very flvoursome, the sauce added that spicy kick that i defintely loved! Its no wonder these are a favourite for those that visit. The flavours are fresh, and surprisingly i didnt get that ‘im too full, roll me home’ feeling after eating them- bonus! Next, we were told we HAD TO try the artichoke crustinis- and OMG firstly i was thinking- eew! I didn’t want to try it- but wow, boy was i wrong- this starter packed with flavour- the lemon aoli- fantastic! The crustini- so well cooked, crunchy chewy crust, light and spongy centre- with the artichoke what a treat. I am defintely a fan- and will be back to try this!


Artichoke, crustinis and lemon aoli- total bad boy dish!


Both of these starters were so good!

Next on to mains, and both me and my friend opted for the halloumi burger, with chargrilled aubergine, rocket, red onion, tahini and harissa paste- served on a fresh flatbread! OH MY WORD- this was good!


Straight on- how good does this look?


Side shot- that is one serious mountain of sweet potato fries!


It sounded so good- we both ordered it 🙂

I loved the peppery-ness of the rocket, against the spicy harissa and creamy halloumi- honestly i was not expecting to love this burger as much as i did. Served with sweet potato fries too- nothing was left on my plate! Such a wonderful main. I did notice some of the other dishes that looked equally tasty, the kimchi curry and the bangers and mash both looked and smelt divine! I will defintely be back again soon to try it.


Vegan brownie anyone?!

Finally the desert- and as some of you know i am not the biggest fan, i’m much more of a starter girl! However, my friend really fancied the chocolate and hazelnet brownie, served with a salted caramel sauce and ice cream. Now- what i will say is that this is a vegetarian, vegan friendly pudding. The sauce was incredibly flavoursome and had a lovely citrus/orange tang to it which i loved! I am not a huge fan of salted caramel- but again the flavour for this was very light- my friend LOVED it and would have it again- she was one happy camper!

Overall sophsterldn rating 10/10- i thought the service here was great, yes, we had to wait a while to be seated but it was definitely worth the wait. The food was surpisingly deliciious and the staff were fantastic- they joined in with our jokes and made some great recommendations. I will defintely be back again soon- for a total meat lover, i was surprised how much i enjoyed the food here and at £77 for two (two starters, one main and then a dessert oh and a bottle of red) Not too shabby!

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Until next time my angels- xoxo




  1. Sheereen butt
    November 23, 2017 / 8:33 am

    Although i am first and foremost a meat eater, the food and descriptions sound intriguing so much so that after reading your blog. Dare i say it yes i will be trying out this Veggy Mildred’s restaurant.

    • sophsterldn1
      November 23, 2017 / 9:23 am

      Definitely recommend it- was an absolute treat!

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