Restaurant Ours- high ceilings and high trees definitely on the dramatic side-how could you not love this place?!

Restaurant Ours, Knightsbridge


Can you even say you’ve been to restuarant ours without posing by this glorious wall of flowers??!!! An iconic space in an iconic place, elegant and refined i love it and you will too!

Hi my angels, hope everyone is well and good If you haven’t heard of Ours- you will definitely want to after reading this. British Euro cuisine at its best… the first thing you will notice about ours is just how stunning it is… you walk in and are greeted by what I like to call the VIP walk way, you enter and find dramatically high ceilings, covered in trees and then the ultimate glamazon pose background- a giant wall of flowers!  Its like bringing the outside indoors, retro chic at its best and stunning! If like me you love a photo or two this really is the place to be seen! The food is also stunningly beautiful and doesn’t taste too bad either! Hurrah restaurant ours- an iconic venue, simple yet stand out!


My experience, arriving at peak time on a Saturday night was actually really positive. The moment you walk in, everyone is incredibly helpful! We, like most of you, loooove a picture or two (or seven!) The VIP walk way is stunning, beautiful white walls, very runway esq and there are plenty of people happy to take several snaps for you. I can definitely see why this is a favourite amongst instagrammers everywhere! And can you even say you went to restaurant ours if you haven’t posed by the flower wall? Synonymous with the venue and absolutely stunning.

We arrived a little early, but were seated straight away, the servers here are incredibly helpful, informative and engaging! As this was the first time we visited, we were taken through the four sections of the menu, and the delectable cocktail list. We decided on the pornstar and espresso martinis and were given a free crème brulee esq cocktail for my friend as it was her birthday- lovely!


Table set! What to order


Land, Sea, Garden or Fire- all of them please!!!!

The music wasn’t too loud, we were able to have a decent conversation whilst taking in the ambiance, this is definitely somewhere I would come back to. The crowd is mixed, groups of friends (I’d say mostly late 20’s-40’s crowd- definitely a watering hole for the upwardly mobile!). Scanning through the menu, its clear food is served tapas style, 4-5 plates recommended each (we opted for around 7 plates and despite the size- the food was surprisingly filling).


On to the food, we went for a range of goodies; avocado, crème fraiche and caviar (oooh la la), calamari (a staple favourite of mine), tuna tartare (served with a side of deliciously well buttered sour dough bread), truffle fries (because you know you just cant go wrong- they were delicious), prawns delicately cooked in a wonderful pesto, garlic esq butter and lamb chips (not what you expect, but also well cooked and flavoured nicely- my only recommendation perhaps a slight spark of chilli to really make that dish fly). All of the food was delicious, I was pleasantly surprised with the caviar and crème fraiche combo- I definitely want this again soon!! Mmm my mouth is watering just thinking about it.


Gorgeous garlic butter prawns!


Calamari and fried caugette flowers


Truffle fries!! Always a yaaaas!


Tuna Tartare- so beautifully decorated


Lamb chips- no messing about with these badboys!


Truffle fries- why are you just so good?!!!


On to dessert, ill be honest, despite the fact the portions seem small you will fill up quickly… you won’t need rolling home, but you will feel contended. As such, we were so tempted by the baked Alaska (and I am definitely getting that next time) but we were just so full and opted instead for the salted caramel donutes- NOW- if like me, you are not a fan of salted caramel do not despair- they were actually delicious! More vanilla like than anything- they also give you quite a few in the most gorgeous 1950s sweet shop style little bag- we had ours to take away and head on out to continue our evening!


Just how cute?!!! Salted caramel donuts!!!

All in all, I would say ours is a lovely place, and reasonably priced we had a fair few drinks and it worked out around  $75-85 each/ £60-£70 each. Great staff, great food and absolutely stunning!! Ladies and Gents if you love a selfie or two then this is definitely the place to be papped! I would visit soon! Definitely book in advance as I know it books up quickly- could be a great venue for a group birthday, or even Christmas party…its almost that time of year!


So pretty- bringing the outdoors inside, simple yet stylish and sophisticated! Elegant and understated I love it!!

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10/10 on all counts- sophsterldn will be back again very soon!!



  1. Sheereen butt
    November 11, 2017 / 11:34 am

    Hi i have never been to Knights bridge but most certainly will be going out to check this place the food looks fabulous and so apertising.

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