Part 2- London Girl in America. East coast vs West Coast- who will win Shake-shack or In-n-out burger?!! Challenge accepted 

Burger Wars?! Who will win?!

Hi my angels, so here it is the second in my US reviews; East Coast vs West Coast which burger will win?!

My two favourites for review i) Shake shack or ii) In-n–out

Let’s start with shake shack; ! 100% natural angus beef… so what sets this apart from the west coasts favourite In-n-out?! Shake shack has so  many options, single or double or the veggie  ‘shroom burger…there is literally something for everyone!! For me i like a single with the ‘shroom meaty, succulent, with melted cheesy goodness. 

Just to be sure i had it twice *bad i know* but i just had to go back for more… this was was located just off Times Square- opposite the lovely Times Square Hotel (my home for the duration of my stay- and what a glorious hotel it was). 

The first time i had the standard burger, the second time i opted for fried onions and cheese- fries! Terrible i know but if you check the picture below you will agree it was just too good to resist! 

On to In-n-out burger and based on recommendations from my buddies i opt for ‘animal style’- being in Vegas i thought there may have been one near the strip but alas this was not the case… we ventured 10 mins out in a taxi (not the worst) but starving after a BIG Vegas night out it could have been closer.

So the fries were nothing to sing home about, basic and could have done with some cheesy goodness (i’m a cheese lover if you hadn’t noticed) then both me and my friend opted for animal style ‘double-double’ and i was not disappointed. This really is a two-hander! All held together in a freshly baked old fashioned spongey dough bun. 100% pure american beef- not angus beef but still deliciously succulent and oh so good!

In-n-out has been around since 1948 and you can definitely see why it’s been so successful- and whilst it’s incredibly tough to decide (i love angus beef and i love the options shake shack have to offer)… the winner, hands down has to be the double double- animal style! This is the burger for me! The animal style sauce, tangy, fresh and creamy with a hint of spice just gives it that edge over shake shack. Now i just wish they would open one here in London. 

Overall sophsterldn ratings:

In-n-out- smooth sailing 10/10

Shake-shack a very close 9/10 (that animal sauce gave it that extra pow factor)

C’mon in-n-out venture over seas and share your goodness with the good people of England we desperately need your burger goodness!!!! 

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I hope you liked my post! Coming soon to my US diaries-my review of Eataly, New York.
More to come soon, until then xoxoxoxo 



  1. Sheereen butt
    October 17, 2017 / 11:07 am

    Hi my mouth is drooling with anticipation for one of these wonderful burgers. They seem to be amazing and definitely something i would plunge into. Love it keep them coming.

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