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Blondies anyone?!

Good morning beauts, i know we’re all stuck in lockdown at the moment but there’s something about this time at home that just brings out the baker in me (and i’m sure countless others too).

Here is my quick, simple and easy blondies recipe- i made these for the family and they DID NOT last very long at all! They also make for great little gifts for family celebrations. They will take 15 mins to prep and 18 mins in the oven- from oven to table you could have these delicious morsels in no time.

Ingredients for these parcels of deliciousness:

100g of unsalted butter (melted)

400g of light brown sugar (if you don’t have this use a mix of whatever you have- light brown gives it the nice colouring though)

260g of plain flour

2 eggs

3tsp of vanilla

1tsp of salt

200g of white chocolate chunks (we didn’t have any in the house but used up some lindt white chocolate mini eggs and a lindt white chocolate bunny – has what you have folks)

125g of sprinkles

For the icing (and we were very generous with ours):

500g of icing sugar

160g of unsalted butter (melted)

50ml of whole milk

1tsp of vanilla

75g of sprinkles

To make the mixture it so, so simple:

Add melted butter, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, flour and salt to a bowl and mix until fully combined.

Toss in your white chocolate chunks and sprinkles and mix.

The mixture is ready- spoon it into a square tin (squish it so it fits in nicely and smooth the top)

In a preheated oven- 180- place it in and bake for 18 mins

Whilst this is baking start preparing your icing:

Cream your icing sugar, milk and vanilla extract in bowl. Add the milk then add in the sprinkles.

Mix this all together and it’s all ready.

Once the blondies are cooled, pipe your icing on top of blondies and you can add whatever you like on the side of the icing (i used half an oreo on each).

They should look like this, ready to eat for all- they disappeared quickly in our house. Bon appetite folks!

I’d love to know if you make these and what you think.

Until next time xxx


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