Part 1: London Blogger going stateside…New York i am in love ❤️

Bergdorf Goodman- first of many NYC posts

Hi my angels so one of my favourite places to visit outside of London has to be the US- hands down americans know good food!!! 🙌 I’ve recently visited both Vegas (which was insane) and New York which i love, love, loved!!! I have to be totally honest it was my love of the Gossip Girl and SATC series that started my slight obsession. The allure of New York was so strong i had to see for myself what all the fuss was about. 

NYC- a thriving metropolis, the mecca of shopping, fashion, style, beauty and food!!! What’s not to love, there is something so raw and beautiful about New York. Every corner you turn you find a new neighbourhood, ethnic mix and food of every genre.This will be one of a series of reviews for my blog so i hope you like- definitely an homage to this stunning city!!! 

In that Gossip Girl style of course there’s a town car waiting just outside!

Being slightly obsessed with luxury and beauty products as soon as we landed, we had a quick refresh and headed on over to Bergdorf Goodmans and omg i was not disappointed. My trip stateside definitely started with luxury and stayed that way 😊 

The first stop after any flight has to be for food!!! Bergdorfs was such a great pick,  the restaurant is located on the top floor with stunning views over central park and the bustling streets below. I believe you normally have to book but we sort of just wondered to the top floor asked if they had a table and had some lovely champagne at the bar whilst we waited! Not a bad start!!

First to arrive this glorious, filling, expertly placed chicken salad. Bergdorfs managed to turn the humble chicken salad into a thing of beauty (it tasted delicious too 😊)

Food was the first this on our minds- Bergdorf Goodman did not disappoint. How delicious does this salad look? Totally scrumptious!

Fresh bread served hot from the oven- butter just melts through these! Anyone saving themselves from carbs need look away now! Glorious!

Next we ordered some scallops, these arrived very quickly, in a wonderful creamy veloute sauce! Cooked to perfection and served on a bed of potato compote ridiculously moorish. I highly recommend! 

Bellies now full, we head on down to explore the store and it’s here i discovered one of my (now) favourite brands- Kevin Aucoin i picked up a few of this sensual skin enhancer pots (colours 7 and 8) and his complete brush set! The brushes are luxurious, you can tell by the weight of the brushes- quite frankly, i think, these are some of the best on the market! I’ve purchased some from other brands and always return to my Kevin Aucoin set. 

There are so many stunning brands, all beautifully positioned in store- you could definitely do a lot of damage to your card in one day… my friend opted for some Louboutin nail polishes- these were absolutely stunning and the packaging very edgy! 

Bergdorfs i will defintely be back, you are everything i had hoped for and more… next up my review of Tao.

I hope you enjoyed the first post from my New York trip- definitely loads more to come. If you haven’t already and would like to hear more, please subscribe to using the link on my homepage. Otherwise for more instant updates follow me on twitter or insta @sophsterldn xoxo


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